Support Services

At Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc., a Social Worker is available to provide help and support to you and your family. Whether that means coming in for therapy or support groups, getting ready for court, or talking with a Social Worker about other resources and programs in your area that can help you, the Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center’s Social Worker is here to help you every step of the way.

  • Education is available on common reactions to crime, grief and loss, family dynamics, and more
  • Information and Referrals are available to connect you to the resources you need
  • Counseling is available to adults and children to address all aspects of how the crime has impacted you and your family
  • Support Groups are available for adult family members of homicide victims, to help you deal with the crime and meet others doing the same
  • Peer Support Group for families and friends of homicide victims that meets every other Tuesday evening (please call for complete information)
  • Court Preparation is available to help get ready for court proceedings, including coming up with a plan to address a variety of different concerns that may rise before, during, or after the proceeding

Take the first step towards help by asking a victim advocate about social work services today by calling 301-952-0063 or 1-877-VICTIM-1