Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)

VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) is an automated notification system that helps you exercise your rights as a crime victim. When you register for the VINE service, you will receive a phone call or email to notify you of court dates related to your case. VINE will also contact you about the release, escape, or transfer of your offender. VINE can also notify you on the compliance status of a sex offender. Recently, Maryland has added Probation and Parole to the list of notifications VINE can make. Now you can be alerted when your offender is being reviewed for Parole, has upcoming parole hearing, change in supervision, if re-arrested, is due to be released, or more.

    What can VINE do for me?

  • Vine can notify you if there are any changes to your offender’s status. If you register for VINE before the court proceedings, VINE can notify you of court dates, even if the State’s Attorney’s Office fails to do so. If you register after the offender is in jail, VINE will notify you if the offender is released, escapes, or is transferred to another facility.
  • VINE can provide you with 24 hour access to information about your case or offender status. You can call VINE any time–24 hours a day, 7 days a week–to check on the status of your case or offender.

How does VINE work?

VINE is computer system that regularly receives court and custody information from Maryland criminal justice agencies. If there are any changes to your case or offender status, VINE will automatically call your phone number. When you receive a call from VINE, enter your four-digit pin number. VINE will confirm that you have been notified and stop calling you.

Does the VINE service cost me anything?

No! The VINE service is provided to you for free by the Maryland State Board of Victim Services and the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention.

How can I register?

    You can register for VINE two ways:

  • Call the Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc. at 1-877-VICTIM-1 and ask for help with VINE. We can register you that day. Please have the name of your offender, the phone number on which you wish to receive phone calls, and a four-digit pin number that is hard to guess, but easy for you to remember.
  • If you wish to have e-mail notifications as well, please have the e-mail address where you want to receive notification.
  • Call 1-866-MD4VINE and follow prompts.

Please call now! Anybody can register against any offender. This is an important service that helps you keep track of your offender!