2015 Legislative Efforts

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On April 14, 2015, Governor Larry Hogan signed one of Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center’s (MCVRC) 2015 legislative priority into law. The law will help collect restitution for victims from offenders who win money from casino gambling.

Bills signed into law by Governor Hogan

LOTTERY FACILITY PAYOUTS – INTERCEPTS FOR RESTITUTION PAYMENTS Requiring video lottery operation licensees to provide specified notices to obligors who win specified prizes and who owe restitution; requiring video lottery operation licensees to make specified payments, withhold specified amounts, honor specified requests in a specified order, and transfer specified amounts under specified circumstances; authorizing specified obligors to appeal specified proposed transfers; etc.


The new law is Chapter 93 of the 2015 Laws of Maryland. New restitution intercept law – Chapter 93

At a future bill signing date, we hope that the Governor will also sign into law MCVRC’s other 2015 legislative priority:

HB 501/SB 427 – Criminal Procedure – Victims of Crime – Notification Regarding DNA Profile

Requiring a specified law enforcement agency or unit, under specified circumstances, to give a specified victim or victims’ representative timely notice as to specified matters relating to a specified DNA profile; requiring the State Board of Victim Services to develop pamphlets to notify victims and victims’ representatives of how to request information regarding an unsolved case; etc.