2017 Legislative Efforts

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Criminal Procedure – Pretrial Release – Victim Protection

  • Number / Chapter (Cross File / Chapter): SB 219
  • Primary Sponsor: Sen Lee, et al
  • Added: JAN 31, 2017 1:00 PM


HB 233 Delegate Barron, et al DISCLOSURE OF MEDICAL RECORDS – GUARDIAN AD LITEM – VICTIMS OF CRIME OR DELINQUENT ACTS Requiring a health care provider to disclose a medical record without specified authorization to a guardian ad litem appointed by a court to protect specified interests of a minor or a disabled or elderly individual who is a specified victim, for a specified purpose and use in specified court proceedings; authorizing a specified guardian ad litem to redisclose a specified record under specified circumstances; etc. EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2017 HG, §§ 4-302(d), 4-304(c)(5), and 4-306(b)(10) and (11) – amended and § 4-306(b)(12) – added Assigned to: Health and Government Operations