Advocacy Services

Our advocates are here to offer support to victims of crime, treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve, along with acting as their voice if they are unable to speak. We help empower victims to advocate for themselves too, providing each person with the tools they need to ensure their wishes are respected in the criminal justice system.

No matter whether it is providing educational or emotional support, validation, or simply accompanying them during court appearances, we are with each victim every step of the way. Our trained advocates will help each victim identify unique choices or options that help them meet their needs. We work to educate crime victims on what their rights are at all points in a criminal justice proceeding.

Our bilingual advocate team can help with the completion of court documents, accompany crime victims to court, work with them to prepare and deliver their Victim Impact Statement, and provide emotional support throughout.

In addition, we collaborate with many other wonderful organizations that offer complimentary services and make referrals where appropriate.