Becoming a victim of crime can upend your life, creating lasting physical, emotional, and financial problems that nobody can prepare for. At the Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc., we understand the mental anguish this causes, which is why we provide victims with a safe, free, and entirely confidential counseling service.

Our counseling sessions are available for anyone who has suffered mental or emotional pain from the result of being a victim of criminal activity. This includes direct victims of serious crime, vulnerable people, and family members who have been directly impacted by crime.

We ensure that every counseling session is held in a judgment-free, completely safe environment. Utilizing professionally trained and qualified counselors, you will be able to discuss your emotions and gain support for any situation that you might need help with.

These individual sessions will help you address the symptoms you are suffering, and our MCVRC counselors are also able to provide you with referrals to agencies, accompany you in court, provide in-depth consultation, and much more.