MCVRC provides legal assistance under a grant from the Maryland Legal Services Corporation to victims seeking victims’ compensation from the state Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. Awards may compensate for loss of earnings, loss of support, medical and counseling services, funeral expenses, and disability.

Victims must file an application for an award within three years of the crime or its discovery. Many victims file applications on their own or with assistance from others. When the Board issues an interim award or denial or sends a letter indicating it will issue the order, victims have only 15 days to request a hearing where they may appeal the initial decision. We have represented many victims at this crucial stage of the process.

If the Board issues an adverse final decision, it can be appealed to the Circuit Court in the victim’s county but must be filed within 30 days from the Board’s order. In appropriate cases, MCVRC may take a further appeal for the victim to the state appellate courts. This assistance is available to victims of crime through the intake process required for all of our victim services.